Main Focus, Customer Satisfaction

From stage one of procuring raw materials to production and delivery all the processes are carried out with utmost care and perfection, so that we can attain client satisfaction in our business deals. Also, we welcome the suggestion of our customer, they put forth the points that help us improve and develop a strong relationship with them. 

We are a one stop shop that deals in different areas such us Pipeline, Electronics & Telecommunication, Design, Mechanical, Interior, Computer/Software Development & Sale, , Supply & Construction of Architectural, Civil, etc.

Our Services

  • Engineering products supply & installation division
  • Architectural and civil engineering
  • Architectural designs
  • Landscape design
  • Interior design and Construction
  • Plumbing, water supply, sewerage and storm water disposal and external development work, supply and installation.
  • Communication & Information Technology
  • Electricals Engineering
  • Mechanical and Pipeline
  • Installation of machines & equipment
  • Apparel (Fashion Design & Production)
  • Management services
  • Agricultural products
  • Education and training
  • Corporate social responsible (CSR) division

Vendor Base

We are associated with the trustworthy merchants of the market to offer our array of products to customers. They are chosen by our team of specialists keeping in consideration certain benchmarks like their trustworthiness, market reputation, past record, approach to work, commitment to timely delivery, etc. Our vendors guarantee us that the raw input offered by them are best in quality and this premium grade raw material helps in ensuring excellence in our products.

Why Us?

There are various enterprises available in the market which manufacture products like Stone Chips, Assame Saree, Door Frame, Brikolite, Rod, Fly Ash Brick, etc. But it is very important to choose the one which supplies high grade material at affordable rates and our company named Mahabahu Technical and Production Pvt. Ltd. is one of them. We are the right destination for the customers who are in search of a reliable sources with strict standards of quality. Here are some benefits of having business deals with us:

  • Transparent business policies
  • Affordable prices
  • Optimum quality products
  • Utmost client satisfaction

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